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Hello world! Yes, I’m keeping that standard WordPress “first blog post” heading, but please keep reading. This page will do double-duty as an “about” page and an occasional blog.

For now, please allow me to introduce myself. I’m Claudia Elliott, three-times-retired and determined to start a digital media company because I just don’t believe in retirement. There are a few other reasons I started what may be the world’s smallest digital media company — and I’ll get to those further down here, or in the future.

Accendile Media, LLC, was launched on January 1, 2020, and it’s taken me a while to get around to creating a website for the company. I’ve been busy with some other projects (I’ll share more later) and somewhat distracted — along with the rest of the world — by the coronavirus and all of the changes that have come about because of COVID-19. And the damage done by the flood in my kitchen while we were away for the holidays (but that’s a story for another day).

One of my projects is Old Prisons Magazine, which launched in February. The focus of Old Prisons is cultural tourism, specifically a niche interest in visiting old prisons and jails. Prison tourism was actually a growing international phenomenon before COVID-19 made us all armchair travelers, at least for now.  You may quickly understand that my launch of a travel-oriented website early in 2020 was not fortuitous. However, I am optimistic that the stay-at-home orders will not persist forever, so I’m sticking with the development of this website. Online magazine publishing is a long game at any rate. 


But back to Accendile Media and my hopes and dreams for this fledgling company. I came up with the name soon after my first retirement in 2015. Accendile, by the way, is Latin for a lamp or candlewick. It’s pronounced like this:


Accendile reminds me of the spark that can get an idea going, sort of a light-your-fire thing. Although it took me more than four years to form the company, I kept working to build my skills and learn what I would need to transition from my previous career as a newspaper editor and manager to a digital publisher. Along the way, I experimented with ideas for websites — and returned to full-time work twice before “retiring” again in October 2019. By then I had pretty well formulated my plans for Accendile Media.

On the home page of this website you’ll see a few references to “we” and “us,” as in “we create brilliant websites” and “let us help you light your fire.” You might have figured this out by now, but “we” and “us” are more or less visionary. For now, “we” and “us” are “just me.” Well, “just me” and this great guy in Bangladesh who helps me with custom code when I get in a jam.

But I’m working hard every day to move my fledgling company forward and adding “associates,” especially to help with writing and website management, is definitely needed (and sooner, rather than later).

My business plan called for me to continue some consulting work I have done in the past and some websites and social media work for clients to fund the company’s overhead while I developed long term projects. Also, I had several trips planned for 2020 to gather material for print publishing projects related to Old Prisons magazine. The travel restrictions and economic collapse tied to the coronavirus have made it necessary for me to rework my business plan.

Still, I’m optimistic. I’m working hard and learning something new every day. My background in journalism and newspaper publishing has provided me with many transferable skills. And as the owner of possibly the world’s smallest digital media company, I’m flexible. So if you find yourself with the need for any of “our” skills — writing, editing, graphic design, typesetting, brochures, postcards, business cards, social media campaigns, or website development — please give “us” a call!